"Clear your cache" - what does it mean?

Cway doesn't appear as it should, and I got the tip to clear my cache. What's that and how do I do that?

Browsers are built for showing downloaded data from servers. Part of their job is to download as little data as needed from the server to minimize the download size of the page. This makes pages snappier and saves money for corporations since they can have smaller bandwidths.

However. Whenever a page gets updated on the server it can still be stuck in your local cache. This means that you are viewing an old version of the application that most likely can't communicate with the server in a good way (the server is now updated). Usually, you only need to hit refresh (a couple of times) and the page will be downloaded from the server again but sometimes it is hard to convince the browser to reload the page from the server, and this is when you need to delete the browser cache.

Click the links below to find out how to clear the links for your browser:

Watch this short clip to learn where you find quick help in Cway.

Written by Fredrik Hultin.

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