Project members and their roles

Orderer has the final saying in any questions and actions during the whole project.
For example:

  • The orderer decides who shall be involved in the project.

  • When commenting on a revision, the Orderer's comment is ranked higher than any sub-approver's comment.

  • The Orderer is the first choice of contact when feedback is requested.

Reviewers are responsible for commenting on specific parts of the artwork related to work title responsibilities. Reviewers can be assigned as sub-approvers.
Read more about assigning members to artworks here.

Project Manager is the person who's responsible for managing the project. 

Lead Graphic Creator is the person at the artwork suppliers' mainly responsible for the graphic work in the project and is generally the customer graphics expert.

Graphic Creator(s) creates graphics for the project.

Watch this short clip to learn more about the Projects app.


Written by Anders.

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