What is 'Revision 0'?

In Cway Project, the project admin can drag & drop artworks that are to be updated from Media Center and into the new project. The artworks get revision 'Brief' in the viewer:

These "old" artworks have one of two purposes:

  1. For comparison reasons in the review process.
    In this case, the artwork remains in the state 'Unstarted' in the artwork list until a new revision is uploaded. You can see it but you can't comment, reject or approve.

  2. As base for a brief for what's to be updated in the next version.
    In this case the artwork is 'For review' in the artwork list and open for you to comment and reject.

Which 'Rev 0' case that pops up in your project depends on what you order:

If the project is an artwork update project and you provide the supplier with your own brief, the project will start with 'unstarted' artworks with 'rev 0'.

If the project is an artwork update project and you notify your supplier that you'd like them to release 'rev 0' for briefing purposes, the project will start with 'For Review' artworks with 'rev 0', in which you are able to place comments (brief the supplier about the updates to be implemented).


Written by Joanna.

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