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Welcome to a smorgasboard of services. What can we do for you today? Would you like us to coordinate a whole project, or just create the graphics and make sure it's optimized for printing?

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How are we different?

We know lots about management and implementation of packaging design, from  coordinating pack design projects, through graphics, to printing design on pack (any  pack with any printing technique).

Try using real experts with lots of experience.


lots & lots of packaging...


Do you want to make packaging design & artwork management  even easier ?

Cway can be more than a digital platform. Behind the scenes, Cway offers  the total   artwork management mix : coordination, project management, design, graphics creation, print expertise and more.

A smorgasboard of services to choose from and mix with the ones you already use.

What's your project?


Speedy update

Are you in a hurry? There's a fast lane for artworks that have short timeline. If it's in Cway already, it'll take no time at all


Large scale

Allow us to WOW you with our tailored processes that make any assortment-wide project efficient, smooth and safe


Changing printer

There are projects that are complicated for real. We'll safely adapt your graphics to any printing technique

 stuff you can ask us to do 



Our team of experienced packaging design project managers can manage any project in Cway for you, as well as aid you in planning and implementing best practice. Hundreds of successful projects delivered on time and within budget speak for themselves (mening we've already done the mistakes and learnt from them).

"Inhouse" coordinating

Sometimes a project is inevitable though your team is short on time and staff. We coordinate your project(s) as if we were in da house

First time or all at once

Is it your first big project? Or is it the biggest project ever? We can provide you with project tools and process to deliver a project you'll be proud to place in your CV

Outsource the lot

Many brand owners outsource their artwork management to partners. All it takes really is to build a good internal info structure, then all's taken care of by experts

ARCHITECTURE and DESIGN for your assortments

Is your regular design agency busy? Or would you simply like to broaden your creative horizon? The design team stands by to aid you anytime. We've structured and designed more than a few of the assortments that end up in the stomachs of or stop bleeding fingers on people from the north. And naturally we’re all fluent in Cway.



Packaging is special

Packaging is perhaps your most important brand carrier. Engage the people that truly know packaging (and are devoted to consumers) to develop your visual concept

Architecture is king

Assortments grow. We make sure your assortment has an architecture that the consumer understands, and the design an architecture that breathes consistency

As efficient as Cway

Our approach to design is broad as the sea, but we believe that the process can be more time and cost efficient than the business standard. Experience says we're right




Changing, updating and maintaining packaging artworks over time is the air we breathe and the favorite topic at the lunch table. We offer skills in most of the standard media tools, extensive experience from graphics implementation and last but not least breathtaking tempo!

Do you have a designer already? Dump the graphics on us - we're happy to collaborate with any agency.

Again - packaging's special

The skilled graphics creator's job is to implement (usually someone else's) design with consistency and brand in mind, optimising it for any pack format

Isn't this design?

The designer is the visionary. We're the architects that enable their ideas. Or just the very persistent people that have the stamina to implement it really well everywhere

Most work is graphics

Did you know that only some 10% of your projects require designers? Most of the artwork lifecycle is updates and line extensions. Much faster to go directly to the graphics ;)

PRINT management from start to finish

Media can be printed on ridiculous amounts of substrates, with equally crazy amounts of printing techniques. If not managed by experts, the print results can be very disappointing. The Cway team has the knowledge and collaborates with most of the printers in Europe (and some elsewhere).



Stop putting out fires

Be proactive, not reactive. We involve printability early in the project, when the designer still has time and creativity to do grand things within the print limits

How many are they?

Technically, there's not that many techniques. But every printer provides different results due to machines. We know what to ask for to get a consistent result

Save lots of money

There's money to be saved if you know how to create a cost efficient design. No huge differences in appearance, but lots to save if you know how to do it


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We look so much forward to getting to know you and your assortment! We can't wait to show you how fast, uncomplicated and convenient it is to let us & Cway do the job.