At Collabra we take an integrated approach. We incorporate project management and graphical implementation into one computer-aided process and underpin it with a tailored quality assurance framework. This gives you the best possible starting position.

Project Management

Strong project management is essential when you want to get a new packaging design to market quickly. The road to print can be long and winding – it’s vital to be in control at every stage. With the Collabra model, you can rest assured.

Improves marketing

Our project management model allows us to maintain top quality in processes and schedules, even when you are in the process of implementing rapid changes. This facilitates frequent marketing communications.

Unites the team

Our computer-aided process runs itself, the system reminds participants and drives the project forward. This provides a manageable and easily-accessible tool for all those involved.

Correct from the start

Our goal is to make zero errors. The ambition is to get it right from the very start. Artwork approval is done online in real time, so that the whole process is clearly documented and easy to follow.

Graphical implementation

The importance of packaging’s role as a communication vehicle cannot be emphasised enough. You engage the best to create the visual concept, then we protect your investment. That’s our role.

Optimal solution

We ascertain well in advance that the creative solution is technically and economically optimal. We merge creative and rational thinking to reduce the potential for error.

Rapid and reliable adaptation

We apply your basic concept consistently, correctly and cost-efficiently to new products, package sizes and markets. We shorten time to launch.

Protects your investment

Product ranges subject to regular development are protected for future use. Guidelines for consistent implementation are combined with easily accessible media storage.

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