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Cway updates May 2024

Cway updates May 2024

Hey there, Cway fans! Get ready to level up your packaging design game because we've got some exciting news to share. We've been hard at work behind the scenes, fine-tuning our software to make your experience even better. From smoother workflows to user-friendly tweaks, we've got some game-changing updates lined up that we can't wait to tell you about. Let's dive into what's new with Cway! 


You'll now notice red badges in Projects and Quick Share. Think of these badges as little flags, waving to catch your eye and point out where tasks are awaiting your attention. 

     Cway badges

Keep an eye out for those red badges on Projects and Quick Share. They're your signal that there are artworks with red balls or shares that still need to be downloaded. And don't worry, these badges even show up when choosing your organization, giving you a quick overview of what needs your attention

mark all as read cway quick shareIf you have a lot of Quick Shares and don't want to be distracted by badges, now you can easily use the button "Mark all as read". 

The implementation of badges is crucial as they serve as visual indicators, flagging tasks and notifications that require immediate attention within Cway. By providing clear and immediate visual cues, badges streamline workflow efficiency, reducing the risk of overlooking important updates or tasks. This feature enhances information visibility, ensuring that users can easily identify areas that need action, ultimately leading to smoother collaboration and improved productivity within the platform.


The Latest AI Updates

We're pleased to reveal our progress in integrating AI because it marks a significant step forward in enhancing the capabilities and functionality of our platform. With these latest features, Cway empowers you to effortlessly transform your ideas into vibrant visualizations. 

Here's how it works: simply create a brief in the Viewer on UNSTARTED artworks. You have the flexibility to either upload a file or harness the power of AI to generate an image. It's that easy!

You can also use AI to visualize your ideas directly in comments. No more struggling to describe your vision with words alone. With this new feature, simply drop an idea in the comments, and watch as Cway's AI brings it to life with stunning visuals. Whether it's a concept sketch or a color palette suggestion, the possibilities are endless!


Step to next artwork in the viewer

Say hello to faster navigation between artworks in Cway's Viewer! 

Now, with just a click of a button at the bottom of the Viewer, you can seamlessly scroll to the next artwork. No need to open multiple windows anymore! Simply click the button, and preview the upcoming artworks within the project. It's that easy!

With this streamlined navigation, users can focus on their creative work instead of navigating the platform, leading to increased productivity and satisfaction. By optimizing your workflow, we not only boost efficiency but also save valuable time and resources.


Save drafts in the media center

Now, users can easily store and access drafts of their work, allowing for better organization and future reference.

Why is this important? Imagine a scenario where you've completed artwork and packshots for a product, only for the launch to be postponed. With the new draft function, you can save these assets as drafts rather than marking them as obsolete. This ensures that you can easily locate and repurpose these materials when needed, saving time and effort in the long run.

With the ability to save drafts in the Media Center, Cway users can now enjoy improved organization, increased flexibility, and enhanced workflow efficiency.


home screen in Media Center

Check out the latest update in the Media Center's home screen! Now, you'll find visual information presented graphically for easier comprehension.

Graphs Media Center Cway

These graphs provide valuable insights into your storage usage and the number of items stored, helping you stay organized and informed.

Drop Files to Start Project

When you drop files from your desktop onto projects, you'll instantly get a dialog to create projects from those files.

This streamlined process eliminates the need for manual project creation, saving you time and effort. Whether you're organizing files or starting a new project, this feature makes it easier than ever to get started.


Project Progress Hover Info

Now when you hover over project progress indicators, you'll see the total number of artworks in the project.

This enhancement provides valuable insights at a glance, allowing you to quickly assess project status and track progress more effectively.

Enhanced File Security Measures

With this latest enhancement, receivers are now unable to directly download files from artworks. Instead, they must take ownership of their shares, bolstering the security of your valuable assets. 

We implemented this feature to address the issue where receivers were able to download files from artworks directly, potentially leading to confusion and security concerns regarding the integrity of the downloaded files. By requiring receivers to take ownership of their shares instead, we ensure that they only access the correct files from the designated source, thereby enhancing security and maintaining the integrity of your valuable assets.

Also we made a major upgrade to access rights for source and delivery files in both the Media Center and project areas of Cway.

This improved security measure ensures tighter control over your files, safeguarding your intellectual property and confidential information.

Experience enhanced peace of mind with Cway's reinforced security measures. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to prioritize your data protection needs! 


We're excited to present these latest updates, a testament to our dedication to enhancing your Cway experience. From major security upgrades to convenient features like artwork drafting and visualized graphs in the Media Center, we've invested considerable effort to elevate your user experience. But our commitment doesn't end here! We're already hard at work on even more improvements to further streamline your workflow.

Your feedback is important to us, so if you have any suggestions for improvements or notice anything that needs fixing, don't hesitate to reach out to us via our support chat. Together, let's continue to innovate and optimize your Cway journey. Stay tuned for further enhancements and updates!

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