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How to track project progress using Cway

How to track project progress using Cway
Managing artwork approval workflows without tracking progress is like baking without a recipe – you might end up with a mess instead of a masterpiece. You risk wasting resources, miscommunicating with stakeholders, and missing crucial deadlines.

This guide breaks down the essentials of project tracking and its critical role in artwork management. We’ll show you how effective tracking enhances team collaboration and resource use.

Keep reading to learn how to track project progress and see how an artwork management tool like Cway can simplify and streamline your process.


What is Project Tracking?


Project tracking involves monitoring the status of a project to ensure tasks, collaboration, and performance align with set milestones. It includes using tools for real-time updates and predictive analytics, which help maintain quality and meet deadlines.


The Importance of Tracking

Project Progress


Tracking progress is crucial as it keeps teams focused, accountable, and aligned with goals. It mitigates risks, optimizes resources, enhances stakeholder communication, boosts team morale, and facilitates data-driven decisions.

How to Track Project Progress Using Cway

Tracking project progress using Cway is efficient and streamlined, thanks to its robust set of features designed to enhance artwork management and collaboration. Here’s a detailed guide on how to effectively monitor your projects:

Setting Up Projects

Start by creating a new project in Cway. Navigate to the Projects menu, click on "New Project," and fill in the necessary details. This sets the foundation for your project, allowing you to organize tasks, assign team members, and outline objectives right from the start.

start new project cway

progress barUtilizing the Progress Bar

Each project features a progress bar that provides a visual overview of the project's status. This bar updates as tasks and milestones are completed, giving you a quick snapshot of overall progress at any given time.




manage task

Task Management

Cway's task manager helps in tracking progress by allowing users to assign tasks to artworks and monitor their completion. Tasks start as gray icons, and you can mark a task as colored once it's completed, providing a visual indicator of progress. This system helps ensure that all necessary tasks are performed and easily trackable.


check artwork statusMonitoring Artwork Status and Revisions

In Cway, you can check the status of each artwork directly within the project. This includes the number of revisions, comments, and approval status. The platform supports detailed tracking, ensuring all stakeholders are aware of the latest updates and changes, enhancing transparency and collaboration.

Signal System for Artworks

The signal system in Cway provides immediate visual indicators about the status of artworks. This system helps quickly identify which artworks need attention, which are approved, and which are under review, thus streamlining the workflow.

Email Notifications

To keep everyone on the same page, Cway sends out email notifications for key project events. Whether it’s a task completion, a new file upload, or a comment, these notifications ensure timely communication and prompt action from team members.

check revision in viewerVersion Control in Viewer

Cway’s viewer offers robust version control, allowing you to track revisions, comments, and updates on each artwork. This feature is critical for maintaining the integrity of the project, ensuring that all feedback is incorporated and previous versions are accessible if needed.

Tracking in Media Center

The Media Center in Cway helps track the origins of each artwork, including who approved it and when. This centralized repository provides a clear audit trail and ensures that all necessary information is easily accessible, aiding in better project management and accountability.


Cway's Shortcut is a powerful tool designed to streamline the sharing and tracking of project files, enhancing project progress management. This convenient window offers quick access to all your necessary tasks, artworks, and files, transforming daily duties into an easy-to-navigate dashboard. It provides summaries and direct access to urgent tasks. This allows you to move forward with minimal effort, freeing up more time for other tasks.

how to use shortcut


By leveraging these tools, Cway provides a seamless and efficient way to track project progress. From task management and version control to real-time notifications and comprehensive status tracking, Cway ensures that projects are managed effectively, deadlines are met, and quality is maintained. Using Cway's integrated features, project managers can stay on top of their projects, ensure clear communication, and achieve their project goals with greater ease and efficiency.

Request a demo today to see how Cway can revolutionize your approach to tracking project progress! 


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