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is your artwork delivery this smooth?

is your artwork delivery this smooth?

Dear brand owner,

Is your artwork delivery this smooth?

Well, it can be, but it usually ain't. Here’s a typical scenario in design projects:

  1. Artwork approval
    Following (usually) multiple reviews, the artwork is approved by a brand manager or the like, and dispatched to the printer
  2. Color target dispatch
    Concurrently, the BM needs to approve a color target and make sure it’s sent to the prepress and also routed to the printer
  3. PDF proof
    After some time (depending on various factors) your BM obtains a PDF proof from the prepress for approval. Usually the BM compares the PDF and the approved artwork manually on screen. Bit by bit, character by character to make sure everything is the same
  4. Color proof
    Subsequently, the BM receives a tangible color proof to match to the corresponding color target and compares them, often under less-than-ideal office lightning.
  5. Proof approval
    If there are discrepancies in the colors (which is often the case), there’s a back-and-forth dialogue between the BM and the printer, forwarding info to their prepress partner. Prepress, often constrained by budgets, will tweak as best they can and send new proofs. Often still not good enough, and followed by technical and difficult to understand reasons as to why color matching is impossible. Leading to BM's reluctantly giving a forced approval.
  6. Print intake
    Pantones can’t be approved on an Epson proof. While printers clarify that Pantone inks are used as delivered from manufacturers, inconsistencies are frequent. And for the same budget reasons the printer won’t remix them, even though they’re usually able, to match the Pantone color chips. It mandates your presence during the print intake, proofing them on site. Only then the printer will mix them to match.

I think you guess where I’m going with this. It’s a significantly time consuming and highly risky procedure. Not to mention that it steals your BM’s attention from new branding projects – schedules becoming unpredictable, hinging on supplier timelines.

We’re very familiar with this process, and for our customers we offer to take over the whole procedure. By entrusting us, your BMs can confidently step back, knowing that our graphic team will digitally proof with much higher accuracy and assurance. Furthermore, our print managers, equipped with both expertise and optimal lighting conditions, can meticulously match the color proofs, collaborating closely with printers to bridge any color discrepancies. And attend print intakes if needed.

The result: BM's make ONE single approval and the rest is off their table. Feeling free and able to focus on the next project at hand.


Efficiency: Save invaluable time, sidestepping the usual back-and-forths

Security: Rely on our team to proof with higher accuracy and color/ink expertise

Peace of Mind: Free your BMs to focus on what they do best – innovating your brand


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