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Top 5 tips for communicating with consumers through packaging

Top 5 tips for communicating with consumers through packaging

Your packaging may be the most trustworthy and visible marketing item. Just think about it - it's right there for consumers to see every single day and can't really be avoided like many other marketing channels such as TV or billboards. Nothing wrong with other marketing, but they're more of an enhancement. Whereas packaging is always there, every day.

So use it to communicate with the consumer. Often and distinct. Build your brand awareness and tone of voice. Make the best of it, so that it becomes way way more than just packaging.


Here are some best practice tips for effective communication with consumers on product packaging:


1. Clear branding

Ensure your logo and product name are easy to identify. Consistent branding helps build consumer trust and recognition.
However, consider which brand that is more important. Is it your company, or the product range? Which one is most important and guiding for the consumer?

Skärmavbild 2023-05-23 kl. 10.57.22

GB Glace chooses to promote Magnum rather than GB. Because "it's a Magnum", not just any icecream.


Skärmavbild 2023-05-23 kl. 11.09.19

It's a chocolate oat drink. That goes into your mouth. The end.

2. Simplicity

Keep the design and message simple and straightforward. Cluttering the package, especially the front of pack, can be overwhelming for consumers. Instead, consider what REALLY matters and stick to it.


3. Target audience

Design the packaging with your target consumers in mind. Make the product appealing to them rather than 'meh' for everyone. Use colors, fonts and images that resonate with their preferences and self image.

arla familjefavoriter

This cheese range is for families. Not connisseurs.



unique selling proposition

This is how easy you can stand out. This Korean snack pack has two notches for tearing, so you get less grease on your fingers from digging around for the doodles.

4. Unique features

Are you one of the lucky ones marketing a product that's unique? Congrats - market it. If you're not, you might consider going for other USPs, such as investing in extra environmentally friendly packaging, Fair Trade or other values that set your product apart from competitors.


5. Communicate often

Special events coming up? Use them to make your product contemporary. Is it the Eurovision Song Contest? Or gardening season? Or maybe an event that you invent yourself. Sky's the limit.

vileda rosa bandet

Kitchen cloths are not very schmancy. But supporting the fight against breast cancer is.


We hope that we managed to give you some inspiration for communicating with your consumers through your packaging range. Need some help, or simply a super easy yet very helpful artwork management to make your projects faster and your packaging design more qualitative? Give us a shout.

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